Thursday, March 24, 2011

girls with goals are just hotter....

Welcome to Spring Pretty Eaters and Blog Followers!

The inspiration for my blog today comes from the feedback I got from so many of you ladies on my entry back in late January on 'a little passion goes a long way'. I couldn't believe the number of ladies that came up to me saying that it really inspired or resonated with them - and let me tell you, nothing makes me happier to hear.

'Passionate' has always been on the list of characteristics someone close would use to describe me. Although as I live out my life lessons, I have learned to channel my passion in different ways. I used to be fiery with emotion when I was a little less sure of myself and what I wanted to do with my life, or even just my time. If I felt something, everyone around me knew it. Life's dramatics of boys, friends and family just seemed so much more important when I had nothing else to occupy my mind.

Now though, I have a very small number of people that ever really see my full range of emotion, and even that is pretty rare. I am generally a very happy person.
Why? Because I spend my energy making my life look like my dreams do. I am such a strong believer that working towards new goals is the key to my own happiness.

When a client or friend comes to me venting about what her husband is doing wrong or the 'totally justified' fight she just picked with her sister I always listen - but my advice is almost never to do with the issue itself.
"Set a new goal for yourself" is usually the suggestion I make to anyone in my life who seems to be consumed with life's dramatics.
What I really mean is; "Of course your boyfriend wants to go on a boys night instead of spending time with you. You are so bored that you are picking fights and nagging him for no reason. Would you want to spend time with you? Because I wouldn't"
Trust me girls, I know in the moment he seems like the biggest jerk alive. We have all been there!
But why waste your energy on what he is doing? Why not do something to make YOU happy!

Taking yourself first and working towards something you are proud of will occupy the mind and make sweating the small things fade away. Plus, girls with goals are just so much hotter. When you are working towards something that makes you happy, you become the best version of yourself. Not to mention, when you aren't completely available with a side of crazy - all areas of all your relationships and friendships improve.

Everyone who knows me is aware of my obsession for goal setting. Constantly working towards new goals has made me realize that you are honestly capable of achieving anything. The main issue is that most people just don't even try. We were conditioned in a society where the phrase 'I can't' and fear have been engrained into us. My newest goal is to help open the eyes of every woman I have the blessing of coming in contact with and tell them 'You Can!' and it's exciting, not scary!

So, if you are reading this blog right now I challenge you to start today! Any goal I have ever set for myself whether it be a national level fitness competition, Eating Pretty Nutrition, running a charitable event, or even starting this blog all came from my 'Dream List'
A Dream List is when you write down everything you've ever dreamed you could achieve. No goal is to big, no dream is too crazy. You want to climb Mt. Everest - put it down! You want to be a billionaire so fricken bad? -  put it down! You want to write a book - put it down! You want to lose 10lbs and rock a bikini this summer? - put it down! (and then go to ;)

Putting dreams on paper is the first step to them becoming a reality. If you think about it everything in this world began with a thought. Take the chair you are sitting on reading this blog for example; someone thought to start a furniture store, someone thought to design that chair, and you thought to buy it. All of those clearly happened.
Or what about something more far fetched like the thought of building a metal spaceship that could defy gravity, fly into outerspace, and man could then get out and walk on the moon? Now that is a thought others said was too big and too crazy - but it happened!

So do it right now!
Love to hear about your top three - or maybe just one you are ready to work towards today, no matter how big, either on blog comments or on the eating pretty fan page.
Stay tuned for the next step on what to do with your 'Dream List' and thank you so much for reading today.
I love you guys.

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  1. I LOVE this!!! My goals are going down on paper right now!! And they are big ones... I actually have butterflies... love going through this crazy exciting time with you bestie. You are the best friend, motivator, and office mate a gal could ever ask for. SO proud of you! xoxoxo

  2. You know how much I love you.
    butterflies because BIG THINGS are about to happen in the 4 walls of the babe office my love.
    Thank YOU for being so supportive, and equally as motivating to me!