Monday, October 17, 2011

Energy Vampires that YOU create!

A long time ago I learned to let go of toxic people who blatantly put me down, made me sad or lowered my energy. Once I established I was worth more than being treated that way it was easy to let go - and I found that almost immediately new fabulous people who made me feel great about being exactly who I am showed up  in my life.

Lately though, I have been receiving the same lesson - with a twist. 
Again and again from a multitude of sources: (boy)friends, acquaintances, (ex)coworkers... the list goes on.

All different relationships, all the same outcome: they are lowering my energy and cause upset in my life.
The problem: I truly loved them all.

These aren't the blatant jerks who tell you that you aren't good enough, or that your ideas are stupid, and let their big-fat-egos put you down. Nope, I'm way past those people...
These are actually people that love you too. These are people who tell you that you're wonderful and why they love having you in their lives. But for one reason or another you feel like your energy is sucked out of you by them. Energy Vampires, who love you? It's an actual thing, I swear! I have had enough show up in my life in the last few months to know. 

Work, love life, personal goals even my taking my own health first were all slightly altered by these key people. But they were my people, so I didn't recognize it.
(Or actual in truth, I ignored my gut.)

As always when you ignore that inner voice, repercussions follow suit. So, heartbreak, betrayal and anxiety followed each instance in different ways at different times. Each with it's own unique lesson.
...but in hindsight I realized there was one common denominator:
and it was ME!!

Yup, I was the one getting in my own way. I was using these people who did not serve me to hold myself back. To operate on an energy level I know I am greater than. 

I made it easy for the unavailable boy to put me on the back burner because I wasn't seeing that even though he may be wonderful in many ways, I am worth more than someone who is not ready for me.
I made it easy for the employee to betray me and play on my weaknesses, because I wasn't recognizing my own issues in business.
I made it easy for the person who has no self love to replace that with my love, because I needed it at the time.

This isn't them. It is me. My own fear took over and I unconsciously created these relationships to serve it.
The tough emotions I experienced from the people I truly love was not caused by them at all. It was the universe, and my inner guide saying "Wake up girl! You are worth more and you can do better!" 
and after I realized all of this - they are no longer vampires of my energy. I release them with love.

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." 

Recently, this saying has been showing up in my life again and again. And I'm starting to realize that the only person who can stand in my way of love, success and all the things my heart and mind desire, is me. 

We have all the tools to be and have everything we desire. Don't let your fear and ego create relationships and circumstances that get in the way of that. 
Someone doesn't have to be abusive or deceiving to be standing in your way. Let go with love and watch as incredible things happen.

When you let go and still recognize why you love the person, you create room for new relationships and opportunities that will serve you and propel you forward. You get that high that life should deliver to you daily, instead of anxiety. 
Most of all, you become who you are meant to be.