Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your gut never lies... does it?

If I had to choose the one lesson from my twenties that I valued the most, it would hands down be a piece of advice I regurgitate to my girlfriends, younger sister and clients daily - "Your gut never lies"

That little voice inside of you is a gift from the universe that always seems to know the truth when you are growing up. It screams the right decision and the best choice for you even though so many times you wish it was wrong or you choose to ignore it and follow your heart.
My-oh-my, in the past 10 years I have told my voice to be quiet, then lied to myself and denied my own truth more times than I can remember. Haven't we all?

That boyfriend you know is deceiving you but you choose to believe him, because when your in his arms and he's telling you what you want to hear it just feels so much better than the alternative. Or that choice you made to get into the car with someone who had more cocktails than you were comfortable with, because it was easier than expressing your concern. Or that choice to ditch your work assignment and go to the movies with your girlfriends, even though you know it will lead to more stress and a sleepless night ahead.

Whatever your inner voice is guiding you to do, or not do - it's always right. Sometimes you slip by consequence free and others you pay the toll for not listening to your gut, and at times like that, it really makes you realize that listening to yourself and your own morals is always the best choice.

In the end, I feel like you end up learning from these mistakes. You fall one to many times and learn to appreciate that gut feeling we were all blessed with. At least I think we all do.
I made a New Years resolution to never do anything that felt bad on the inside. If I knew I was going to feel guilt or be hurting someone else by an action I made, I would not do it. Sounds simple, especially since in general I consider myself a pretty good person, but you'd be surprised how many times I have rethought an action because of this self promise in 2011.
So, I do what feels right inside and I live a life that I have designed. I strongly believe if you aren't using your time to help others, then there is no point. Most importantly, I have ignored my gut so many times before - that when it speaks to me, I definitely listen.

There comes a point though, where I wonder if I am missing out on risks and chances because of my 'inner voice' - can your inner voice be confused with fear?

Fear is such a powerful emotion in business, love and life. I consider myself a risk taker and entrepreneur. As I am getting to the next stage in my life  though, decisions get bigger, risks become greater and there is a larger margin for failure. If you have ignored your gut in the past and fallen, the rebuilding can be exciting and an amazing growing process. But putting yourself, your work and your heart out there becomes way more terrifying the second time around (or third, or fourth...)

So as the decisions and life choices become bigger, is the key to true happiness deciphering between your gut instincts and your fear? or conquering the fear and taking the risk, regardless of how it makes you feel inside?

I love to give the guidance, but today I would love it from you my friends!
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