Thursday, September 8, 2011


It's true. I have been under the radar and not keeping up my end of this blog bargain. Truthfully, I never meant for this much time to pass, but all of the sudden I sit here in a cozy blanket, drinking piping hot green tea and taking in the beautiful fall air. Yes, fall. Seeing how my last blog entry dates back to May, somehow, I have let an entire season pass me by.  

So, where have I been? The absolute truth of the matter is, I'm not really sure. Somehow between blooms blossoming and leaves turning colours 'Missing-In-Action-McNally' is really more a case of missing inspiration. Every time I opened up a blank page to start writing the words wouldn't flow, that buzz I get when I know I am writing something that will make a difference in someone else's life never appeared and I was longing for one of the little lessons I always like to base my messages around to overcome me, with no such luck.

Last night while I discussed with my best girls my recent general angst feelings with my life I admitted feeling like I have been ignoring my gut. My dear friend Lisa piped up and said "Excuse me Miss-your-gut-never-lies blogger! You know what you're doing wrong then!!" She was referring to a blog entry I posted back in February. 
Lisa then proceeded to tell me how she had read that blog repetitively while trying to make changes in her own life, and how much it helped her. 
Ladies and gentleman, that moment in time is why I am inspired to write this blog today. Truthfully, that feeling of knowing I contributed in making someone else's life a more positive experience by inspiring them to be better is why I do this. And that goes for everything I do, not just blogging. It's also the exact reason why I have felt uninspired this summer. It's a simple equation really, not listening to your gut = rut. And rut is exactly where I have found myself these past few months.

Don't get me wrong, I truly always have a great time with my life. There have been many magical and memorable moments since I haven't been blowing up your facebook newsfeed. But in terms of my 4 majors: Love, Business/Money, Health, Spirituality - I have not been making the progress that I know I should be. Fear, not listening to my inner voice, big changes and some poor decisions all can safely be named as contributing factors.
So why? The girl who makes a living of preaching love over fear, risk over complacency, taking your health and self first and connecting with your inner voice... why-oh-why have I been doing the opposite? To be honest people, I am still working that out. 

The reason I haven't been blogging, vlogging, expanding my businesses and doing all the other things that truly get me high in life, is because my ego said to me "How can you inspire, if you feel so low and confused?"
... and truthfully until Lisa said that to me last night it never occurred to me to just be honest! It never occurred to me to realize the reason people follow my blogs is because of my candidness and how I am always telling the truth. I thought that if I had no good or happy truth to share, I had nothing to say.
Writing this blog right now leaves me feeling the best I have in months. Because starting with something small that makes you smile is always the first step in an amazing direction. And I know that. I am so glad the message I once sent made a difference in someones life, and was re-taught to me on my dark day. How cool is that?

There are some big things going on in my life right now. I always say I think 23 was the most difficult age because you are done college or university and too young to be taken seriously to get the 'Dream Job' you have imagined and too old and educated to keep on working at your highschool retail gig forever and stay satisfied, or many just don't know what to do next. The initial decsions on career, city to live in, first home your parents aren't paying for, and everything else that comes with growing up are so scary and consuming.
Little did I know once you got that all down pat, you grow up and decide your path - you only need to make more decisions!

With huge changes happening in my business and new opportunities in love, I have found myself consumed with fear and doubt. That in turn leaves me not taking my own health and wellness first and clouds my connection to my inner guide. See how that snowball effect just knocked my top 4 most important life categories right out of the park? It happened without me even realizing it - and the domino effect took my inspiration with it!
For my respect for those involved in business and loves sake, I will have to spare you the details (for now... ;) 
I will say though, admitting to myself I have been ignoring my inner guidance has helped me make some big decisions, inspired me to be moving forward with the things I know I should be doing without letting fear get in the way, and letting go of others by special instruction of my tiny inner voice that seems to be speaking louder than usual today.

I promise you all this though: Doing amazingly or in a rut, you will be hearing much more from me and my gut.



  1. Nice read Ange, Keep being you and following your heart. Your inspiration is beautiful. xo

  2. Wow, now that was a little dose of inspiration for the day! I LOVE how honest you are- I think it is a huge reason why so many people can relate to you. Who hasn't at one point or another been in a rut? I know I have- and I know everyone has to. Your honesty is beautiful and I know that this article will give others the guidance to come to terms with their own feelings. It is hard to pinpoint why we are feeling they way we are feeling sometimes. Listening to the little magical gift that we have all been blessed with (aka your gut) is the best advice anyone could ever give. Can't wait to hear what you come up with next. Love you bestie- I am very proud of you xox

  3. This is fantastic Ange!!!Exactly what I needed today and it gave me alot of perspective!! xoxo