Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EatingPretty.com is getting a makeover!

"You have to love it more than anything else. It's so many little stepping stones. Very rarely is it that one thing leads to another, that leads to another followed by the end result. It's so many dead ends, and switching directions and going back and re-thinking. And, so many interviews, strategy meetings, management meetings and  PR meetings. It's so many things that are outside of what you love, that you have to love what you do SO much that your hour and half to two hours a day of actually doing just that, makes everything else worth it." - Taylor Swift

Above was an answer that Taylor Swift gave in an interview I recently watched responding to the question "What advice do you have to other aspiring musicians?" Her answer really resonated with me, as I think it can apply to anyone who chooses to follow their dreams. It was certainly a perspective I needed at the time of hearing it.

Starting your own business is one of the most exciting and fulfilling projects to undertake in the beginning. It's full of excitement, realizing an inner potential you have never tapped into and the universe delivers new amazing people who support you, offer guidance and become new friends.
That was certainly my blessed life for the past 4 years as I put myself through school and built Eating Pretty Nutrition starting from a small promotion I ran on facebook which has now led me to working with thousands women of nationwide.

Recently I have been struggling though, with my beliefs changing as far as women's health and nutrition stand. I originally wrote the program under the influence of the fitness world, as I was still competing at the time. Many of my mentors, coaches and people who influenced my views were of the same belief I portray in my diet plans. I certainly saw great results from what I was doing, so why wouldn't I share that with others who were inspired by my transformation?

Now though, retired from competing and with a lot more life lessons under my belt - my inner voice has been screaming at me to listen to my new views and follow a new path, and as I spoke about in my last blog... not listening to my gut got me stuck in a rut.

I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time alone with my thoughts, reflecting, reading and just listening to my inner voice over the past few weeks. For me, mediation and alone time are simply magical and that was something I really needed right now. Over this time I began to reflect on the moments of business that have made me the happiest over the past year. Without a doubt my year highlight was my 8 week Women's Motivational Seminar Series that I called 'Living Pretty'. Motivating women to be the best they can be, to love themselves and go after their dreams has been a passion of mine for years, beginning back in 2008 when a group of my girlfriends and I started a women's 'Goal Club'.

What I have come to realize about food and dieting is the same thing I feel about drugs, alcohol, spending and sexual addictions - they are all VICES.
I believe from the bottom of my heart if you love yourself first and change your self-deprecating inner voice to one of love and self-encouragement, that miracles truly appear in your life.
You don't need that blackout to escape, that numbing high or new designer purse to validate you. When you love yourself first the vices just fall away because you choose Love over Fear.
I truly believe that in my own life, and as someone who has used all the vices - I'm a veteran in knowing that loving yourself first, channeling your energy to positivity and following your dreams will let those vices fall away and be replaced with amazing little surprises in your daily life.
The exact same idea goes for food addiction and being overweight.

I wanted Eating Pretty Nutrition to be referred to as a 'Lifestyle' not a diet. I wanted women to learn the basics of Eating Pretty, and find happiness in loving themselves and supporting each other.
The principles of Eating Pretty Nutrition do get you results, but unless you love and respect yourself you will always have the chance of re-bounding back, as our demons have a way of not letting our bad habits go when we continue to focus on life's negatives.
This is where the importance of maintenance comes in, once you have reached your goal. I truly believe in the Eating Pretty Principles. I believe in eating whole, fresh foods that the universe provides. I believe in lots of water and exercise, and teaching women the power of properly fueling their body the way earth intended. However, I also believe that to keep your goal weight you must love yourself, channel your energy to doing things you are passionate about and most importantly NEVER become diet obsessive. Life is all about balance and what goes up must come down!
(... or what goes down must come up, if we are talking scale!)

So what do I plan to do to make a change? You will be seeing BIG changes on EatingPretty.com over the next few months. More information accessible to anyone, memberships geared towards weight you need to lose specific to your own case and a whole lot more self-love and Living Pretty!

Stay tuned for my video blogs and keep checking back to this blogspot as I listen to my inner guide and make incredible changes on eatingpretty.com, as well as launching LivingPretty.ca soon!

Thank you to everyone who has been along for this whole journey with me, I truly love you guys so much.

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