Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Every girl has a little Regina George inside them...

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in the past month is how I am my own worst critic. I put so much pressure on myself to be, do and have it all - that 'it all' became too much.
The overwhelming feelings smothered my excitement and put me in a place of fear and defeat. After a lot of self reflection I am good with admitting this, learning from it...
and of course, using it as inspiration for my next blog and seminar series! ;)

I realized that the only person holding me back from being what I wanted to be was me. I cut out all the negative people who didn't believe in me a long time ago - so truly, the only negative chatter happening was in my own mind.
I would achieve something, and tell myself it wasn't good enough. I would sleep with my blackberry and laptop. I would focus on achievements above taking myself first. I would never be satisfied with the things I had accomplished.
"I'll be happy once I do this, too"
"I will make time once this is done"
"I am unworthy of (love, money, health - you name it) until I achieve _____"
"She has that. I won't ever be good enough unless I have that too"

What? Who am I?
The worst part is, I didn't even realize I was doing that to myself.
I was the star of the movie Mean Girls, Regina George. I was the meanest person in my life....
But only to myself!

Quite simply, becoming aware of this manifested into my latest Seminar Series theme.
Want to heat about it? Read on:

Mean Girls - We've all met them. Maybe we've even been them at times.
No matter how they influenced your life, we have all been knocked down, had our confidence shot and felt completely less than those girls who felt that putting you down was the one way ticket to popularity.
Now that we are older, we realize that those girls were just as insecure as you - channeling it in the wrong way to feel better about themselves. We become adults, we sympathize with what hardships must have happened in their lives to make them that way, and we move on.

But there is one Mean Girl that we never really quite kick....
it's that bullying babe that lives inside of YOU!

Yes, the Regina George of your high school lives in your mind whether you realize it or not.
She's that voice that's always telling you:
"Your too fat"
"You'll never afford it"
"No one will ever love you"
"You aren't good enough"
"You can never trust anyone"

I really never swear, but.... what a bitch!

It's true. That little voice inside of you that puts you down, makes you self conscious and scared of taking risk - is just like those Mean Girls who belittled you to hold you back in childhood. Now the voice lives in your head.... and we all have it ladies!

Inspired by the Pretty Book of the month, Louise L.Hay's You Can Heal Your Life, and my own personal journey comes the next series of Living Pretty Motivational Seminars where like minded women can come together to out that Inner Bullying Babe and teach her to Live Pretty!!

In my seminar series you will meet your own inner Regina George and her posse, which are the multiple personalities of the Mean Girls that live inside of you.
Regina (The Queen of Comparison) rolls with Libby Loveless, Patty Perfectionist, Negative Nance, Angela Accomplishment, and Scared Sally ....just to name a few!
In a 4-week journey we will work together to stop letting the mean girl inside of you dictate your happiness and what you are capable of.
We will stop the negative internal chatter and transform it into thoughts of everything Living Pretty - health, wealth, love, happiness and more!

Please email eatingpretty@live.ca to find out how to join us!


  1. Love this Ang!! There are always those days I feel like its me against me; its nice to know I am not the only one feeling this! Can't wait for the new seminars! -S

  2. Awesome Blog Sister !!!
    So So So very true :)
    Thanks for a great read

  3. Can't wait to participate in these seminars! What an amazing idea Ange! Oct 10th can't come soon enough!! :)

  4. you are sooo brilliant in your thoughts angela!
    --mya loves you always!

  5. Thank you ladies!! Your sweet messages and support mean so much :)
    I love you all so much and can't wait to see you in real life or in person on the 10th!


  6. Just realized that the 10th is Thanksgiving!!!

    So new date to be announced!