Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your gut never lies... does it?

If I had to choose the one lesson from my twenties that I valued the most, it would hands down be a piece of advice I regurgitate to my girlfriends, younger sister and clients daily - "Your gut never lies"

That little voice inside of you is a gift from the universe that always seems to know the truth when you are growing up. It screams the right decision and the best choice for you even though so many times you wish it was wrong or you choose to ignore it and follow your heart.
My-oh-my, in the past 10 years I have told my voice to be quiet, then lied to myself and denied my own truth more times than I can remember. Haven't we all?

That boyfriend you know is deceiving you but you choose to believe him, because when your in his arms and he's telling you what you want to hear it just feels so much better than the alternative. Or that choice you made to get into the car with someone who had more cocktails than you were comfortable with, because it was easier than expressing your concern. Or that choice to ditch your work assignment and go to the movies with your girlfriends, even though you know it will lead to more stress and a sleepless night ahead.

Whatever your inner voice is guiding you to do, or not do - it's always right. Sometimes you slip by consequence free and others you pay the toll for not listening to your gut, and at times like that, it really makes you realize that listening to yourself and your own morals is always the best choice.

In the end, I feel like you end up learning from these mistakes. You fall one to many times and learn to appreciate that gut feeling we were all blessed with. At least I think we all do.
I made a New Years resolution to never do anything that felt bad on the inside. If I knew I was going to feel guilt or be hurting someone else by an action I made, I would not do it. Sounds simple, especially since in general I consider myself a pretty good person, but you'd be surprised how many times I have rethought an action because of this self promise in 2011.
So, I do what feels right inside and I live a life that I have designed. I strongly believe if you aren't using your time to help others, then there is no point. Most importantly, I have ignored my gut so many times before - that when it speaks to me, I definitely listen.

There comes a point though, where I wonder if I am missing out on risks and chances because of my 'inner voice' - can your inner voice be confused with fear?

Fear is such a powerful emotion in business, love and life. I consider myself a risk taker and entrepreneur. As I am getting to the next stage in my life  though, decisions get bigger, risks become greater and there is a larger margin for failure. If you have ignored your gut in the past and fallen, the rebuilding can be exciting and an amazing growing process. But putting yourself, your work and your heart out there becomes way more terrifying the second time around (or third, or fourth...)

So as the decisions and life choices become bigger, is the key to true happiness deciphering between your gut instincts and your fear? or conquering the fear and taking the risk, regardless of how it makes you feel inside?

I love to give the guidance, but today I would love it from you my friends!
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  1. So true....your gut is actually made up of the same enzymes as your brain, the difference however is that your gut doesn't have self talk. I made the same decision this year to follow my heart and my gut! It's unbelievable what has happened and is happening because of that gut decision. Fear is huge in life - it's the self talk....So glad we connected months ago..I'm excited to see where you are going, definitely an inspiration!!! Cheers :)

  2. Angela -
    I love everything you write. How exposing and open you are with such a clear obvious thought we all seem to be blinded to.

    I think in the next big stages of life, it is what feels best for you. So it's trusting your morals and lessoned learned while trying to let go of fear in new territory of careers, businesses, families of your own and so much more.

    I still think your inner voice plays a part, forever. But you can't hide behind what has hurt you or failed you in the past.

    I am pretty sure you have that down though ;)

    keep these coming. I love your entries. do you write anywhere else?

  3. Thanks Melissa!
    I'm so glad we connected as well.
    You are such an amazing open minded, driven woman and I can't wait to see where your career takes you!
    Thanks for reading and discussing. Looks like it's time to conquer some fear!! ;)
    xo A.

  4. Lindsay!
    Thank you so much for following my blog :)
    Are you a current Pretty Eater? So nice to hear from you and the kind words are so appreciated.
    I also couldn't agree more with your thoughts. I definitely let some fear of past hurt block me from allowing certain things in. I will have to work on the fear thing, for this next stage in my life to break down my walls.
    please email me at eatingpretty@live.ca and I will send you some links of my other publications.
    Thank you for following!!!
    xo A.

  5. Alright Here's is what I think...

    I agree with the statement that our "gut" never lies. This is the feeling we get when we hear good or bad news. This is a feeling that only we know whether it is a good one or bad one.

    This feeling has been right for me 100% of the time and it actually scares me sometimes.

    However, the voice in our head tends to be conditioned by past events or teachings. I think that a lot of the time our thoughts tend to be non-supportive. This is not true in all cases but definately in people who have been conditioned to the 'rat race' lifestyle. The people who their parents or biggest influences have always said things like "you need to have a steady income to get ahead." or "You need to work hard to make a dollar." etc. So when their mind enters into an investment opportunity they will always have a tough time making the right decision because they will have a hard time getting rid of "non-supportive" thoughts in their heads.

    For example: whenever Kevin (my husband) and I make any risky business move financially. When my 'gut' is telling me it's a good move, i still struggle with the "non-supportive" thoughts. Some thoughts would be: if this doesn't workout we can be financially ruined or what will people say if i fail? This is why I say to myself "thank you for sharing" and move ahead with the decision. However, if my 'gut' feelings are off i never go ahead with the move.

    A good thing about the inner voices are if they do not support our end goal you can always recondition them. The best way is to make decisions that are opposite from them. Once you make more decisions and get good at it you will have the confidence to let go of past conditioning. It is working for me but i will tell you it's not easy at first and i still have a lot of work to do to completely free myself of them.

    Carol Craig

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  7. I can't wait until I am in a position to think and act in such a positive way. I have come leaps and bounds in the last year and a half. I have conditioned myself to be a "Yes" girl. To not turn down opportunities because I am afraid of them and to push myself into going places, meeting new people and experiencing new things that intimidate me. I still have a long way to go though, I still struggle everyday with the non supportive voices and sometimes I let them beat me down.
    Through Eating Pretty, my friends and family I hope to one day be able to hold my head as high as some of you girls and I am so lucky that I have people like you to look up to!
    Thank you so much for everything you do for me on the inside and on the out!

  8. Carol -

    I couldn't agree more with your feelings on this.
    Your gut never lies, but past conditioning from parents, teachers, relationships and friends 100% moulds who you are, your morals, and what you believe you are capable of.

    I was very lucky to grow up in a family and attract friends who had entrepreneurial traits. My dad also owned his own business, and my mom always believed we could do anything.
    Many of my friends are also conditioned to the 'rat race' - but I have never had an issue busting away from the pack and doing my own thing. I was the first of my friends to have a 'real job' with a good title and quickly realized I hate being told what to do and I get bored quickly. It was easy for me to walk away and start on my own. I do what my gut tells me to in business - and so far, so good.
    I always tell people I will be a millionaire by 30. Most of my friends give me a 'suuuure you are' kind of look.
    But at the end of the day, you create your own truth. You can be anything you want to be - you just need to do it. Nothing is easy, but it's always worth it.

    You are so lucky to have Kevin for support, guide and do this with. There's not a lot of things I get envious of in my life - but what you have is priceless. Trust me. To find someone who has the same values and beliefs in business and your life in this society is almost non-exisistant.
    You are a lucky woman, and he is a lucky guy! go kiss each other right now!

  9. Dayatatime-

    You have certianly come leaps and bounds in a year and a half.
    No two people are the same - what is best for you is not best for me, or any of the girls in this discussion.
    You are such an amazing person, and I think you have done a pretty great job conquering those voices of negativity.
    Listen to you gut - it never lies :)
    I think once you have that mastered... you will have a lot more clarity on the decisions that are best for you in your life. And i promise you will attract it. Once you listen to your own truth, the best things come.
    Love you so much.
    xx A.

  10. Ang,

    I very much can relate to this! Its hard to know the difference between what you want to feel and what you really do feel. If I don't want to believe or think something, its funny how you can convince yourself otherwise. But your gut feeling really never does lie and its understanding the difference between what you just want to feel and what you deep down really do feel.
    When in doubt...always go with your gutt. You have that feeling inside of you for one way or another and you just need to trust yourself. Doesn't mean its always the easy thing to do, but if you start doing it, you will soon realize its always the right thing to do.

  11. Britt -
    I love you.
    and you are so right. not risk taking because your gut is telling you not to is probably the best choice, especially since the stakes are higher this time around.

    Maybe i just wanted to chalk it up to fear so i could ignore my gut?

    The particular inspiration for this article is one of those things. and yes its not easy because I do want to ignore it, but my gut is thanking you.
    ...I will later ;)

    You are such a great person and I am lucky to have you in my life.
    xo love you

  12. Ange,
    thank you for this inspiring and thought-provoking post. Your words are very meaningful to me as it got me thinking how I will make decisions in this moment and in my near future
    I think your gut, that little inside voice, always knows the right choice. It knows when it's right to push for a little change and face that fear. At the same time, it knows when you should be guided by your fears and prevent you from harm by not pushing your limits too far. The gut voice is a part of you and therefore, you always know what the right choice is. The key is to not give your destructive thoughts even the slightest chance to be heard. Don't even consider them because as soon as you start listening to them for a moment, you've lost the battle and you're on a path to self-destruction.
    - Keidi