Thursday, January 27, 2011

a little passion goes a long way...

I am a self admitted passion junkie. For me, there is really no feeling like embarking on a new project or relationship that I am excited about. 
By definition, passion is a strong intense feeling for a person, place, thing or action. In truth, that feeling inside is the way I have always based my major decisions. Being a good idea or a lesson waiting to happen, emotion always plays a huge part in my life choices.
For me there is no other way to live. Every time I try and 'play it safe' or be conservative in my decisions I end up getting bored, throwing it out the window and following my heart. The older I get and the more lessons learned - the more I trust my gut to lead me down the right path. 

Following your heart doesn't need to start out as drastic as a 'professional-passion-follower' though. I get asked for advice daily from friends and clients on making life changes to feel that zing of energy and excitement that we all truly long for. My advice is not extreme, its to start small and do something that you love every single day. To feel that life force we all desire, all it takes is a little effort towards doing something that you love. 

Eating Pretty began by countless hours in a coffee shop writing my thoughts, opinions and education on nutrition. Originally I wrote the program as a book. I love to write, and I love to teach women how to change their lives for the positive. Everyday I would write a new article or chapter on something I was feeling excited about. 2 years later I write you this Blog from the head office of the largest growing women's nutrition company in Canada, Eating Pretty Nutrition.
One of my best friends Claire Hall loves to paint. She would spend her evenings after work making paintings for no other reason than that she truly loved creating art. One day she put a few 'mobile uploads' of her paintings on facebook and not only did all of her paintings sell, she still has a wait list to this day. She has since quit her job and now owns an art gallery downtown Toronto.
Another one of my closest friends Lauren Pirie is a multi-talented, passion following superstar. She has always been someone I look up to on living a life filled with doing multiple things that you love. A lunch date over a few short hours with her will reveal that she has recently shot for teen vogue, is writing a children's book, was the DJ at a huge charity event, had dinner with David Suzuki and is building a rooftop organic garden to feed underprivileged children. All true statements.... and all by me pestering it out of her, because not only is she awesome - she's modest. 

Everyone needs to make money. Not everyone loves their jobs. In fact, most people don't. But instead of taking it out on your boyfriend by coming home in a bad mood everyday, eating an entire pizza to yourself or complaining to anyone who will listen... why not take that energy and use it for the good?
Book a guitar lesson, join a soccer team, start a blog on fashion, volunteer for a charity, cook up a gourmet meal... whatever it is that lights that fire in you, DO IT TODAY!

I promise you that the small things will always lead to something bigger. Develop your talents, deepen your interest and watch as opportunity comes knocking at your door. 
Positive actions always attract more positive. So, start small with your life changes and enjoy the high you get my fellow passion junkies - it really is like nothing else in this world :)

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